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Aether's Commands

Command Arguments Permissions Result
.a-artifact Artifact Name(No spaces) Artifact Type(flower, sands, circlet, plume, goblet) Anyone Gets info about an artifact
.a-character Character Name Anyone Gets info about any character
.a-balance None Anyone Checks your primo balance
.a-const Character Name Anyone Gets Character's Constellation Info
.a-help None Required Anyone Sends a Help Screen
.a-meme Category(new, hot, top) Anyone Gets a meme from r/Genshin_Memepact
.a-rps None Required Anyone Lets you play a game of rock paper scissors with Paimon, and lets you win or lose 20 primos
.a-signup None Required Anyone Signs you up for an account to access all commands
.a-ttt @SecondPlayer Anyone Starts a game of tic tac toe for a chance to win 8 primogems! (costs 4 primogems)
.a-weapon Weapon Name Anyone Gets info about a weapon
.a-wish None Anyone Lets you make a wish(Only a simulator)